How to Install Oracle 12c RAC: a Step-by-Step Guide

How to Install Oracle 12c RAC: a Step-by-Step Guide

Jun 27, 2013 / By Yury Velikanov

Tags: DBA Lounge, Oracle

Okay, back to school folks, back to school :). As with any new product, our long learning journey starts with an installation on a sandbox environment. To get you up to speed with Oracle 12c RAC and let you focus on important stuff (e.g. features research), I have put together detailed step-by-step installation instructions.

You can find it here => Oracle 12c RAC On your laptop Step by Step Implementation Guide 1.0

You will need a laptop or a computer with 8GB RAM and 50GB HDD. The instructions are written based on Windows 64 bit and Oracle Virtual Box.

I know for a fact that several Oracle 12c RAC installation guides from other great community contributors are on the way. Several friends of mine are working on 12c RAC posts at the moment. I would like to mention just a few of them and how their guides will be different from mine (based on my expectations):

Tim Hall aka%2

viaHow to Install Oracle 12c RAC: a Step-by-Step Guide.


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